Hi there! 

We’re Laura and Sarah, the yoga therapists who founded Yoga Therapy Link— an online community for you to connect, learn, and share in all things yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga.  We’re here because we believe that yoga makes things better. For every body!

Yoga Therapy Link is for every body

  • to find and link with yoga therapists and practitioners of all kinds who bring the principles and practices of yoga into their work with you,

  • to discover yoga-based events everywhere,

  • to explore programs and schools of yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga,

  • and more!

Yoga Therapy Link is for yoga therapists and therapeutic yoga practitioners

  • to connect more with other practitioners,

  • to connect with clients,

  • to announce their events (workshops, classes, retreats, etc.),

  • to publish articles,

  • and more!

Yoga Therapy Link is for yoga therapy programs and schools

  • to connect with current and future students,

  • to announce their events and trainings to a broader audience,

  • to expand their access to practitioners who may add value to their program,

  • and more!

Note to Practitioners

One reason we began brainstorming YTL is that we heard you asking for more connection to other practitioners and your community.  And we feel this too!   

Because we believe—like you—that yoga makes things better for every body, our vision is to create a space for you to learn from practitioners everywhere and connect with more people in your community to share the benefits of yoga. Whether you’re a yoga therapist, a yoga teacher or a related wellness practitioner, we make this space you. And we are so glad you are here!

The homepage is specially designed to help every body easily find:

  • your super-powered profile by location, focus of your practice, techniques, and more;

  • your events on the community calendar;  

  • articles that you write on the community blog;

  • featured profiles for practitioners, events, and programs;

  • a place to post job opportunities or call for a practitioner; and

  • more!

As a practitioner, once you sign up and log in, you’ll find more awesome tools for deeper connection like:

  • the yoga therapy network where you can host discussion groups with your desired privacy level and no facebook annoyances, and offer free and paid courses that you create;

  • the session exchange;

  • the homestays exchange;

  • job opportunities; and

  • more!

So come and join the community!  Everyone is excited to see the special gifts and unique experiences that only you can share.

A little about the YTL founders . . .

Laura is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, lawyer, and creator and managing member of Yoga Therapy Link. Her most recent learning experience is Iaidō—a Japanese martial art involving long sharp swords. She lives in Washington D.C.

Sarah is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, artist and website designer, and creator and managing member of Yoga Therapy Link. She lives and works as a Yoga Therapist in Los Angeles, but can often be found in Tucson, D.C., Chiang Mai, Thailand, and sometimes Saigon.