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Alright, before we take you to your Member Dashboard, we want to tell you a little about what it is!

If you’re a person who likes to dive in and figure things out for yourself, we totally get that. Just scroll to the bottom and click the Take Me To My Dashboard button. But we do recommend reading 😉.

If you’re wondering, “What the heck is my Member Dashboard?”

Your Dashboard is where all your membership benefits live.

Once you’re in your Dashboard, you’ll see the same titled icons that you see below. Simply click on the icon to do the thing you want to do! At the bottom of every page there is a button that says, "Back to My Dashboard.” Click that to get back to your dashboard. Easy Peasy!

One thing to remember, you’ll need to log in to your Directory Profile to do things like post events, jobs, etc. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be prompted. This is another reason why having the same email and password for your Membership Account and Directory Profile just makes it easier for you.



What You’ll See in Your Dashboard


Update Your Profile

This is where you update your YTL Directory Profile! If you had a free profile before, be sure and add in all the info you get to put in with your full profile. 😊


The Yoga Therapy Network

The Yoga Therapy Network is your place to connect with fellow members and others interested in Yoga Therapy. As a member, you can host discussion groups here, and Build Your Biz members can even host paid courses on the platform! Simply click the icon to get there, or go directly to connect.yogatherapylink.com.

yoga therapy calendar.png

Manage Your Events on the Community Calendar

This is where you go to post your events on the Community Calendar, or edit events that you’ve already posted. Events you publicize could be in-person or online classes, workshops, trainings, groups, retreats, and more!


Your One-Page Website

Build Your Biz members get a free One-Page Website with their membership! Pick from any of our templates, tell us what info to put in, and voila! Your URL will be yogatherapists.com/[your name or business name]. You can also point your own URL to this site!

yoga therapy 8  (12).png

Job Opportunities

This is where you find and post job opportunities, or edit opportunities you’ve already posted. Individuals, Yoga Therapy Schools, and businesses looking to hire a Yoga Therapist or Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner can post their opportunities for you to check out. And you can respond directly if you think a posting might be a good fit. If you find a really cool opportunity on the internet, but it’s just not for you, copy and paste the link to share it here with your fellow members!


Submit a Blog Article

As a member, you can submit relevant blog articles that you’ve written for publication on the YTL Blog. These can be new articles that you write, or old ones that you’ve published on your own blog or elsewhere, as long as the original publisher is okay with it. Even if you’ve never written an article in your life, consider contributing! The more of you out in the world, the better. And we want to help make that happen.


Find a Yoga Therapist for Referral

This is where you go to find another practitioner for client referral, or to find your own practitioner. It’s the same map that site visitors can see, but we put it here for you so you can easily access it if you’re already in your Dashboard.

group yoga therapy 400.png

Create a Group in the Yoga Therapy Network

The Yoga Therapy Network is your space to connect with other Yoga Therapists, but also the public! You can create a discussion group in the Yoga Therapy Network as an add-on to a live class or workshop you’re hosting, or as a stand-alone group. It is like Facebook groups, but with more security and tools and less of the other stuff that comes with Facebook.

create course yoga therapy 400.png

Create a Course in the Yoga Therapy Network

The Yoga Therapy Network is also the perfect place to host an online course! If you’re a Build Your Biz member, you can host courses here complete with modules, video capability, PFD downloads, and more! This feature is available for courses that have already been created by you. But if you have an idea for a course and you want help building it, we’re here to help make that happen too. Simply click the icon in your Dashboard and fill out the form. We’ll get in touch to get things goin’!

yoga therapy 8  (11).png


Homestays are a great way to connect with fellow members in person! Members list their home as a place for other members to stay while they’re in town for a training or event. You can list a room, a sofa, or a whole place! You charge what you feel is fair, and deal directly with your fellow member without a middle-person taking fees and percentages.

self care yoga therapy exchange.png

Self-Care Session Exchanges

Self-Care Session exchanges are trades between you and a fellow member. This is where you post an offer for an exchange, or respond to someone else’s post. You can also edit your postings here.

memberstore yoga therapy 400.png

The Member Store

The Member Store is where you can purchase additional awesome things like Landing Pages for your events, or Link Ups.

suggestion yoga therapy 400.png

The Suggestion Box

Tell us your thoughts! We are here to work for you, so we want to know how we can better serve you and how we can improve. We can’t promise that everything you suggest will happen, but we read all suggestions and take each one into consideration.

report problem yoga therapy 400.png

Report a Problem

If you see an issue on the site, let us know! Again, we want everything here to work as well as it can for you, and that means fixing any and all issues. We truly appreciate your help in keeping this space running smoothly.

yoga therapy 8  (3).png

Custom Design & Development Work

As a member, you have access to custom design work and website development at fabulously discounted prices. We have amazing designers (that have worked for the likes of Samsung and Adidas!) and website developers dedicated to making things doable for you. We offer both consultation on branding or re-branding for your business, creating your own designs, and creating your own website, as well as direct service work. In direct service work, we work with you to understand what you want and need, and then we do the work for you. When it’s all finished, we then teach you how to keep it up yourself!



Alright, friends. That’s all we’ve got for now!

Click around and explore, get comfortable with your Dashboard, and of course, feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Happy clicking!