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Tagline Text Goes Here.

(The tagline text is large, so keep it brief! You can also just make this your business name or your name and credentials if you want to.)

Here is where you’ll have descriptive text about the services you offer, what a person can expect in working with you, what they can expect in a session, etc.

It is entirely up to you how you present yourself and your business to the world, so feel free to get creative!

Inject your personality into your copy!

The more of YOU a person gets to sense through your website, the better!

Remember, this is often the very first impression a potential client will get of you, so rather than putting your “best foot forward,” go for a “super authentic foot.”

Show them how fantastic you are here, and why they want to work with you!  

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Your Video Blurb

If you have a video you’d like people to see, it will go on the left. Here, on the right, you’ll have a sentence or two describing what people can expect to see in the video- ideally this text will entice them to click the ‘play’ button! So before you submit your order form ask yourself, “Does this sentence make me want to click the play button and spend my time watching this?” Better yet, ask someone else!

If you don’t have a video, but you like this template, simply leave the embed code section in the form blank, and this section will be skipped.

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Offering One

Many of you have multiple offerings to share with the world, and we want to help you promote them! Market up to three of the services you provide here. We keep it to three, because you really don’t want to overwhelm the client with too much at once.

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Offering Two

If you have more than three offerings, pick the three that are the most popular, or the most lucrative for you. You may have to do a little math to figure that one out, but it’ll be worth it! If you have two, no worries, just put two in the form and that’s what we’ll publish.

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Offering Three

The title of your offerings will be written in the boxes above where you now see Offering One, Two, and Three. Here below, you will have some space to say a little about each offering. That text will be right here where this text is, shown just like this.


Your Name

Your Credentials

Now tell the world about YOU!

This is where you tell people a little bit about you, your background, who you are, and why you do what you do, in 50 words or less. It’s a great exercise to get you in the mindset of talking about yourself and what you do, while doing it succinctly and understandably!

If you really can’t keep it to 50 words, OK, not a big deal. But try for under 100!


What Clients Say

Up to three glowing reviews from your adoring fans go here! If you've got a lot, try to pick quotes that showcase multiple facets of you as a practitioner and your business.

- Name of quote source

If you don't have any reviews yet, no sweat! You can skip over this section for now, and edit it later when you've generated the adoring fans you deserve ;)

- You can also use pseudonyms.

If your clients would rather remain anonymous in their quotes, use a pseudonym rather than putting "anonymous" as the source. See how it just kinda looks a little sketchy?

- Anonymous


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