5 Fabulous Props for a Super-Restorative Yoga Session

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The Peanut Balance Ball

Ok, so in the product description they actually call it, “Gaiam Kids Peanut Balance Ball,” but don’t let that fool you! This product is not just for children, my friend! In fact it’s widely used now in the delivering of children into this world. Really! Google it! It’s also being used in physical therapy, and is great for Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga, and oh so good for a Restorative Yoga session. It provides a bolster that has give in the way a medicine ball does, but has this great nook that gives you stabilized support too so you don’t just go rolling off to one side if you’re the slightest bit off center. Click the pic to check it out!


The Edgeless Block

It may not look like much, but this, my friends, is the block without edges you never knew you needed. Amazing to lay over for a shoulder opener, fabulous to prop your legs in a supine butterfly pose, this baby’s uses span as far as your imagination. There are a number of Half-Rounds out there, but I like this one because the foam is high density, which means it won’t lose its shape under body weight like many of them do. It’s nice and sturdy for sustained support in a restorative, yin, or any kind of practice!


The Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are finally catching on! When I bought my first one, there were hardly any to choose from. Now there are so many it’s hard to choose! They were initially used more as a grounding tool for people on the spectrum, but they can be incredibly grounding for anyone. You can use it to blanket the whole body, fold it up and lay it over the hips in Savasana, drape it over any body part to use in place of sandbags . . . so many options!

I like this one because it’s designed to keep from getting hot, which can be an issue with weighted blankets.

BJ Industries

The BackJack

Oh BackJacks!

I love BackJacks in general because they come in handy constantly in my house—extra seating for a laid-back book club meeting, camping chairs, a little beach seat, you name it. But I use them even more often in my restorative practices and Yoga Therapy sessions.

You can use it as a traditional floor chair to support any seated pose to make it more restful, or you can flip it over and lay belly-down on it for a gentler supported back bend like Cobra or Sphinx.


The Weighted Eye Pillow

This. Eye mask. Is. Amazing.

It’s like a weighted blanket for your eye muscles. I used this eye pillow after having a particularly difficult bout of eye-strain, and oh my goodness did it ever help. I then used it the next morning at the end of my morning practice, and never have I had a more restful Savasana—gentle lavender scent and soft silky weight on my eyes for total light blocking . . . AND it came with a freezable gel pack for headaches or puffiness! Can’t beat two in one :D

It has an elastic strap so you can strap it on for sleep, or just lay it loose over your eyes.