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FAQs About Yoga Therapy


 FAQs About YTL & Membership


+ What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a practice that blends western medical and psychological knowledge with yoga to work with people to improve their lives.
According to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) that sets credential requirements for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Therapy is, β€œThe process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.”

+ Wait, this is really a thing?

Yes! It's really a thing! And it works! Yoga Therapy works in different ways, depending on the person and the need. In one way, Yoga Therapy adapts Yoga practice toward improving specific health conditions. In another way, Yoga Therapy gives people space to connect to themselves on a deeper level, gain awareness, resolve problems, and improve their lives. In every way, Yoga Therapy helps you feel better.

+ Who uses Yoga Therapy?

All kinds of people! More and more people are finding the benefits of Yoga Therapy. Doctors recommend it and even prescribe it. The military promotes it for military personnel and veterans. Teachers, artists, lawyers, musicians, retirees, government employees, writers, children, teenagers, entrepreneurs, mothers, and incarcerated individuals are just some of the people who have benefited from Yoga Therapy. It really is for everyone.

+ How do I find a Yoga Therapist?

There are over 3,800 certified Yoga Therapists and even more health care professionals who use Yoga therapeutically in their practice. Find the best Yoga Therapist for you here!


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+ What's the difference between a Public Profile and a Membership?

The Public Profile is... the memberships we offer include...

+ Why should I sign up for a membership?

So many reasons!

+ What are the membership options?

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