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A Powerful Profile Listing in the YTL Directory

Tell the world about yourself and your practice, link to your website, and link to your events that you post on the community calendar. We’ve created a format with tips designed to help you get clicks that convert to clients!


Publicize Your Events on the YTL Community Calendar

As a member, you get to post any events that you’re hosting on the public YTL Community Calendar. These could be classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, online courses, and more!


We Put You on the Map

Folks search practitioners AND events by location, so when someone is looking for a practitioner or an event near your location, they’ll find you and the events you’ve posted.

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Connect with Clients & Organizations

Individuals, yoga therapy schools, and businesses looking to hire a yoga therapist or therapeutic yoga practitioner post their opportunities for you to check out and respond to if you think it might be a fit!


Get Your Business Out There

If you’re interested in working within an organization, business or school on staff, upload your resume for potential employers to see.


Publish Blog Articles

Submit blog articles you’ve written for publication! We’ll review submissions and post them on the YTL Blog, giving you credit and linking back to your website.


The Yoga Therapy Network

The Yoga Therapy Network is your community where you connect with fellow members and other folks interested in yoga therapy. As a member, you can host discussion groups here, and even host paid courses on the platform!


Link Ups

Link Ups are thoughtfully-designed packets that include information about yoga therapy, information about you and your practice, and delightful yet practical freebies like pens, coasters, and chocolates. We send this packet to an organization of your choice, and introduce them to yoga therapy and you! This gets yoga therapy to top of mind right before you reach out. You can purchase a Link Up in the YTL Shop at anytime.

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YTL Community members have access to the homestay listings, where other members offer accommodations to traveling members. When you find a homestay you’re interested in, easily connect with the person who listed it, and make the deal and arrangements. It’s a fun way to connect, share, and learn from other practitioners.

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Session Exchanges

Find other practitioners to exchange services with. Maybe it’s yoga therapy, or maybe it’s some other fabulous skill you have! Many of our members are also acupuncturists, massage therapists, mental health counselors, etc!


And if you didn’t catch it above . . .

It’s all free! So no excuses, friend — create more connection today!