Monya Cohen, RYT, Psy.D. began her yoga journey more than 15 years ago and discovered the value of mindfulness and yoga in her life.  She believes in the healing transformation of yoga and is dedicated to bringing a unique yoga experience to her students. 

According to Monya, yoga is the perfect antidote for depression, anxiety, trauma, and many other barriers to achieving a fulfilling life. 

Monya teaches yoga to adults of all ages and mobility levels, as well as pre-teens. Monya is nearing completion of her certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and practices as a licensed psychologist in Maryland where she works with middle and high school students with emotional disabilities. 

She incorporates yoga and mindfulness in her clinical practice.

Other certifications Monya holds:

  • RYT 200-hour, Inner Axis Yoga, Reston, VA

  • RYT 200-hour Radiant Child Family Yoga, Sterling, VA

  • 95-hour Radiant Child Yoga, Sterling, VA

  • Level 1 & 2 Reiki Certification

  • Level 1 iRest Yoga


As  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in training, Monya is offering FREE 1-HOUR

Phoenix Rising YOGA THERAPY Sessions on Friday, July 5 or Saturday and July 6 between 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at Sage Moon Herb Shop & Healing Center

110 Congress Street • Berkeley Springs.  (Include Map?)


“Phoenix Rising is a client-led process of self-discovery” that integrates “yoga movement and contemporary psychology that helps you explore what is happening in your body and what is happening in your daily life.”  -Monya


For more information or to schedule your free 1-Hour Session with Monya, contact Monya at monyacohenyoga@gmail.com or 202-365-2188.




Yoga Therapists in training who reach the point at which they can offer one-on-one sessions have completed at least a 200-hour yoga teacher certification along with many hours of coursework, study, and peer-reviewed practice sessions that equip them with the basic skills and knowledge to deliver effective Yoga Therapy sessions.  You’ll find information about Yoga Therapy students and their free or reduced fee session offerings in our YTL Directory where you can filter your search by Credentials and look for “Yoga Therapy Student.”


Wondering what you can give in exchange for a free or reduced fee student session?  Yoga Therapy students who offer these sessions free or for a reduced fee love to receive feedback to help them refine their skills.  If you receive a Student Session and want to share more about your experience, write and submit a Blog Article to us!