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Welcome to Yoga Therapy Link



For Practitioners to Connect, Learn, & Grow

We created Yoga Therapy Link because, like you, we believe that yoga makes things better. And we heard you asking for more connection to other practitioners and your community.  And we feel this too!   

Our vision is for you to link with and learn from practitioners everywhere, connect with more people in your community, and share the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Whether you’re a yoga therapist, a yoga teacher or a related wellness practitioner, Yoga Therapy Link is for you. And we are so glad you are here!💜

The website is specially designed to help people easily find:

  • your powerful profile by location, focus of your practice, techniques, and more

  • your events on a community calendar & 

  • articles you write on the community blog.

Yoga Therapy Link is also for clients and organizations to post a call or a job opportunity for practitioners.

Once you sign up and log in, you’ll find more awesome tools for deeper connection like:

  • the Yoga Therapy Network— an online community network for you to host discussion groups with your desired privacy level and no facebook annoyances, and offer free and paid courses that you create

  • the session exchange

  • the homestays exchange

  • job opportunities

  • and more!

So come and join the community!  Everyone is so excited to see the special gifts and unique experiences that only you can share. And together, we’ll make things better!

Just click the button below 👇 to go to the log in page, and click the Sign Up button to join!

For Clients to Find the Right Practitioner

Yoga Therapy Link is here to help you find the best practitioner for you. You can:

  • Browse practitioner profiles and reach out to a practitioner directly by clicking the Link Up! button; or

  • Sign up, log in, and post a job for a practitioner. This lists job post on the YTL job board, and lets practitioners view your post and reach out to you. Simply click the Sign Up button below. Once you’re signed up, you can log in and post a job. To post, just tell our community of practitioners a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for. Practitioners will see your post and reach out if they think they might be a good fit for your needs.

    Click one of the icons below to find your practitioner now!


For Schools to Share Events and Training

Because we believe that yoga makes things better, we want the yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga community to thrive and grow. This means getting more people who want training, credits, and certification to you!

One reason we created Yoga Therapy Link is to promote life changing programs like yours so that more people can find you.

Your first step is to sign up to get listed in the schools and programs directory. If you’re just signing up and find your program is already listed, it’s because we created a basic listing for you. You can update and expand your profile. Just click here to begin.