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We’ll direct you to your Member Dashboard in a moment, but first things first! Please create your YTL Directory Profile on the next page if you haven’t already done so. This is different than the member account you just created. If you already have a free YTL Directory Profile, you’re set, you’ll just need to log in on the next page.

We know creating a profile and filling out ALL the things can be a lot, so don’t feel like you need to fill it out completely right now, because you can always update it later. But you’ll need to be logged in to your profile to access the many membership perks, so you might as well do that first!

Again, your YTL Directory Profile login is separate from your membership login, so to keep things simple for yourself, we recommend you use the same email and password for both.

If you ever have any issues, we’re here for you! You can reach us via email at support@yogatherapylink.com.