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Scientific studies show that trauma-sensitive yoga therapy can significantly decrease PTSD symptoms in veterans.  Participants of one study showed improved mindfulness and decreased insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The study also suggests that veterans who become yoga professionals may be distinctly effective in offering therapeutic yoga to fellow veterans. If you’re a Veteran and a Yoga Therapist, let us know!  We’d love to feature you!

A study published in Military Medicine examined results of a 6-week yoga intervention that showed significant improvement in PTSD hyperarousal symptoms, sleep quality, and daytime sleep dysfunction.  The study suggests that since some Veterans don’t improve with the current evidence-based psychotherapy treatments, yoga can be a valuable adjunctive therapy.  If you’re a psychotherapist who has provided or recommended Yoga Therapy as an adjunctive therapy, let us know by clicking the connect button below!  We’d love to feature you!

Not only does yoga help Veterans, but benefits can be experience even through online therapeutic yoga sessions. In a clinical program that delivered yoga in person and via telehealth, 64 Veterans reported high levels of satisfaction plus improvement in pain, energy level, depression, and anxiety.  If you’re a Yoga Therapist who offers online sessions for Veterans, let us know by clicking the Connect button below!  We’d love to feature you!